My Presentation on Out of Box Experience Design

Out of Box Experience (OOBE) design is a discipline that consists of designing the details of the first few moments of owning a product, from the point of peeling off the shrink-wrap to the point of powering it up and trying it out for the first time.

I carried out a few OOBE design projects while I worked at Flow Interactive and Amberlight. A few months ago I got chatting to Pete Gale of CogApp, and it turned out he’d done some similar work for different clients. So, we got together and wrote this presentation for UXbri back in May. I’ve finally got around to putting it on Slideshare.

If you’re interested in how iterative research & prototyping is used in industry to create great User Experiences, then you should find this pretty interesting. (Using a feed reader and can’t see the presentation? Click here)