About me

Hi I’m Harry Brignull. I’m an Independent User Experience Consultant. I’ve provided consultancy services for clients such as Spotify, The Telegraph, Dennis Publishing, Haymarket, HMRC, Cadbury, Vodafone, O2 and many others. Prior to my consultancy career I did a PhD in Cognitive Science and I was an academic researcher, working at Sussex University’s Interact Lab and Nottingham University’s Mixed Reality lab.

I’m also known for my interest in unethical user experience design. A few years ago I coined the term “Dark Patterns”, and I’ve given numerous conference presentations on the subject. I run the site Darkpatterns.org— which is dedicated to spreading awareness and discouraging these practices.

To find out more about me and view my portfolio, visit brignull.com. Alternatively, pop me an email: harry@brignull.com