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OLPCs: if you were leader of a 3rd world country, would you buy them?

Imagine you are the benevolent leader of a small fictional country somewhere in the third world. Your resources are limited. While your country isn’t as poor as some other third world countries, many of your citizens can’t read or write, … Continue reading

Three User Experience Guidelines for Ajax Sliders

Ajax Sliders are becoming an ‘in’ tool for filtering search results. They are also quite easy to do wrong if you’re not paying attention to the user experience. Before you read on, check out Properazzi and try out the price … Continue reading

Nokia increases focus on user experience

This is a pretty interesting presentation from Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s Executive Vice President (4/12/07). He says, fairly bluntly: Right now, the Nokia Handset User Experience has scope for improvement There are inconsistency problems between applications. Discoverability can be a problem … Continue reading

Disinformation design: parking signs that trick you

Imagine it’s 4.30pm on a weekday. Are you allowed to park here? if so, how long for? This is a great example of disinformation design from Haringey council in North London. Because the council profits from poor information design, this … Continue reading

Cool GUI whiteboard magnets

Coming soon – GUI whiteboard magnets from Eight Media in the Netherlands. These look quite useful for collaborative wireframe sketching sessions in front of the whiteboard. I’ll definitely be ordering some.

Rediscovering the Discussion Forum on

I’ve recently rediscovered the discussion forum, and I feel compelled to do a post on it – not only is the actual content great, but the web-interface is really nice, keeping the posts tidy and making them a easy … Continue reading

OpenID User Experience explained

A nice, clear explanation, found via Robert Scoble’s Link Blog. This discussion about the tension between convinience and security reminds me of this recent

Techsmith Snagit & Camtasia software give-away

The nice folks at Techsmith are giving away free copies of Snagit 7.5.2 and Camtasia 3. Both apps are really useful for UX professionals, and they’d normally set you back a few quid. They aren’t the newest versions but they … Continue reading

Eye tracking: some thoughts from an ex eye-tracking researcher

There’s been a fair amount of discussion over the past week about eye tracking. As someone who used to do a bit of qualitative eye tracking research at Amberlight, (a great London-based UCD consultancy that I used to work at), … Continue reading

Links for 18 Nov 2007

A fairly random selection of things I’ve been looking at over the past week or so.