Steps removed and sequence shortened: UK iPhone App Store TV ad

Wow, first sequence shortened, now we also have steps removed in the new UK app store ad. What next? The ad isn’t on youtube yet, but when it does appear it’ll be interesting to find out exactly which steps Apple … Continue reading

Better tactile feedback for touchscreen devices.

I’ve been chatting to Kevin Arthur of Touch Usability (and Usability Dude at Synaptics in California), who has been filling me in about some of the new developments in tactile feedback. The little rant I was having about “before the … Continue reading

Tactile feedback on touchscreens – is it worth it?

Quite a few new handsets are offering tactile feedback on their touchscreens, like the Blackberry Thunder, pictured above. I can’t help thinking that because the manufacturers can’t do multitouch properly, they are opting to enrich their feature lists in other … Continue reading

“Reply to all” on SMS would be good for everyone

Some passing thoughts: Wouldn’t it be so useful if you could have group SMS conversations via a “reply to all” feature, just like you can with email? Imagine how much more profit the mobile operators could be making. What a … Continue reading

This is a great deal* (*actually it isn’t)

Some stunningly awful usage of the evil asterisk by for their X-series package (The UK mobile operator) – Actually, if you dig into the Ts & Cs, the limit is 1GB a month. This is a big difference from … Continue reading

Nokia increases focus on user experience

This is a pretty interesting presentation from Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s Executive Vice President (4/12/07). He says, fairly bluntly: Right now, the Nokia Handset User Experience has scope for improvement There are inconsistency problems between applications. Discoverability can be a problem … Continue reading

Roll on unmetered mobile web access

Woah there! You’ve found yourself on an old article. Take note of the date before reading. Do you remember when you stopped paying per minute for your dial-up modem connection? Suddenly using the web became a real part of your … Continue reading

Samsung E900 usability take-down

If you’re in the UK you may have seen this in The Guardian today, but if not – check out this this article by Charlie Brooker. A great takedown of the Samsung E900… As he puts it: “The whole thing … Continue reading

Disinformation design

Check out the full size version of this sceen grab. Imagine you are planning on buying a new contract for your mobile phone. This deal looks good doesn’t it? 2000 minutes & 1000 SMS for only £25 a month, with … Continue reading