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Disinformation design

Check out the full size version of this sceen grab. Imagine you are planning on buying a new contract for your mobile phone. This deal looks good doesn’t it? 2000 minutes & 1000 SMS for only £25 a month, with … Continue reading

Esther Dyson’s speech at minibar

Esther Dyson, a well known and very successful venture capitalist (think flickr, & more), gave a short speech at Minibar in london on friday. It was great to hear her talking passionately about User Experience. Basically her message was … Continue reading

Whinging about the OLPC’s lack of User-Centered Design again

Maybe I should stop ranting about this but it really gets me going. The OLPC UI specs seem to have been revised slightly and it’s got some people saying things like “Wow!” “Genius!” “How Adventurous!” and that sort of thing. … Continue reading The 5 sins of Vista The 5 sins of Vista This is depressing reading. Basic bread and butter stuff which I’d hoped was going to get better in Vista. I had assumed that stuff like this had been sorted out but simply wasn’t being … Continue reading

Absolutely nothing to do with usability but I do mention bouncing ninjas

Joel Veitch is a minor media celebrity. He’s behind,a major contributer to the rather wonderful If you’ve seen the rather popular punk kittens clips – that’s him – and he’s done commercial work for Virgin, Channel 4, Switch, … Continue reading

The appleTV killer, only £4.99

Introducing… the TV-out cable! So some people are excited about living room “Media center PCs” (AppleTV, Windows MCE, etc) and some people are ridiculing the idea. I get this feeling that when making this judgement, people tend to think of … Continue reading

History of the Button » What’s a Navi button?

History of the Button » Blog Archive » What’s a Navi button? Kerpow! Nice take-down. Product design is often even worse than web design which is fairly strange considering the fact that products typically cost a lot more to develop … Continue reading

iPod prices around the world

If you haven’t already seen the Reuters news article about this, check out this table showing ipod Nano (2GB) prices across the world: Note: prices are shown in £5 bands (to make the table smaller).

The Power of Defaults – where I quote Jeff Atwood quoting Jakob Nielson

In The Power of Defaults Jeff Atwood nicks the title of an old Jakob Nielson post and weaves in some ideas of his own. “For most users, the default value is the only value. Your choice of default values will … Continue reading

Usability over ‘accessibility’ and web standards any day

Accessibility has won the political battle and web standards have won the hearts and minds of many developers and designers. Unfortunately usability is the poor relation which is a shame as it is by far the most important of the … Continue reading