Dark Patterns, Academic Research & Inclusive Pandas

I don’t really write about Dark Patterns much anymore, partly because other people seem to be doing such a good job of it. This video by The Nerdwriter is probably the best intro to Dark Patterns made to date. Very … Continue reading

The thing that makes user research unique

There’s one thing that always takes businesses a while to understand about user research – a faulty way of thinking that needs to be overcome for them to deliver good design. In traditional businesses, reports and documentation are expected to … Continue reading

How to run a user journey mapping workshop

I recently ran a User Journey Mapping workshop at Google’s Campus London. Big thanks to everyone who came along and made it so much fun. Here’s a short video explaining the technique. You can also read the full write-up over … Continue reading

Getting Hired in UX

I’ve been helping some of my clients with hiring UX designers lately. Here are some tips you might find helpful if you’re looking for a role. Beware miscommunications from recruiters If you’ve been lined up the role by a recruiter, … Continue reading

Using decision tables to support contextual targeting in your UI.

Historically, marketers have given targeting a bad name, with creepy email campaigns and annoying ads that follow you around – but the fact is, targeted messages can deliver a lovely experience if they’re done right. An ideal restaurant is where … Continue reading

Some Dark Patterns now illegal in UK – interview with Heather Burns

In this article I interview Heather Burns, author of The Web Designer’s Guide to the Consumer Rights Directive. So, which dark patterns are now illegal in the UK? The EU’s new consumer rights law bans certain dark patterns related to … Continue reading

So you want to be a UX freelancer?

People sometimes ask me for advice about getting into User Experience freelancing. Is it enjoyable? Is it worth it? Is it good money? The fact is, the answer to all these things entirely depends on you and the way you … Continue reading

User Experience and Jobs To be Done

In the field of UX, we’re all pretty familiar with the concept of behavioural personas, but not everyone is aware of the parallels between this and Clayton Christensen’s “Jobs To Be Done” theory which became famous in his 1997 book … Continue reading

Create your own Mac-based usability testing lab with viewing room

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to usability testing labs. The UX team at The Telegraph is Mac-based, which puts Techsmith’s Morae out of the question. Telestream’s Wirecast would be a decent Mac alternative, but it was really unreliable on the MacBooks … Continue reading

Deadly set: how too much focus causes mistakes.

Aviation Psychologist David Beaty on the phenomenon of ‘Set’ (1991): ‘Set’ is a survival characteristic we have inherited. The human brain evolved to help individuals live and survive circumstances very different from our own. It predisposes us to select our … Continue reading