Top posts of 2009 on

Well, it’s almost 2010, so I’m going to pre-empt the glut of 2009 retrospectives by getting mine out there first.

In the past year I’ve written almost 100 posts on, and received over 400 comments. If there’s one thing that’s really motivated me to carry on doing this is the great comment ratio, so I owe you all a huge thanks for that! Even if you haven’t been commenting, I’ve been aware of your presence and that’s been a big boost too – this year the site’s had an average of 7,750 unique visitors a month, and roughly 3,500 RSS subscribers. Not bad for a niche interest blog which I write in the mornings before work!

So, here’s my list of top posts of 2009, based a rough combination of analytics data, comments and retweets:

  1. Signup forms must die – here’s how we killed ours!
  2. User experience research skirmishes – are you guilty?
  3. Five UX antipatterns to avoid when designing Log-in & Registration areas
  4. What You Need To Know About Eye Tracking
  5. Screening out liars from your user research
  6. “Just add an egg” – Usability, User Experience and Dramaturgy
  7. Achieving adoption of a disruptive product
  8. No rest for the wicked: a UX designer’s job is never done
  9. The importance of setting accurate expectations
  10. A quick UI review of browser malware warning pages
  11. Bruce Archer, Hospital Equipment and the Origins of Design Research
  12. Why conversion rate uplift percentages can be confusing
  13. Cheap and Free Alternatives to Morae: Usability Testing Software
  14. ROI is not just for businesses: how users make ROI judgements
  15. The tricks that supermarkets play to stop you from comparing on price

If that doesn’t satisfy your desire for UX articles, check out the full list of all the posts I’ve ever written on (all the way back to 2005, yikes!). If that’s still not enough, why not subscribe to my new linkblog at