Mental Models, Service Design & The Problem With Convergence

A few weeks ago, I invited Filip Healy and Ian Collingwood of Amberlight down to give a talk at UX Brighton. The topic they chose was “Mental Models, Service Design & The Problem With Convergence”.

What do consumers expect when they buy a bundle of services like Internet, Telephone and TV from a converged provider? Is there a gap between their expectations and what they actually get? And what can the providers do about it?

Using a feedreader and can’t see the slides?

Many thanks to Filip and Ian for all their great insights, to all the other UX Brighton organisers, particularly Danny Hope, for making the event happen, and to The Werks for providing the venue.

UX Brighton is a free event that happens on the second tuesday of every month. The next one is a film night at The Eagle. Coming up this year we also have Human Factors International, Bunnyfoot, CX Partners, We are: London and various others pencilled in. If you want to be on that list, get in touch!