FREE webinar today at 1500 GMT! – “Leveraging the UX paradigm” (limited places!)


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  • Impress your prospective clients by developing your repertoire of elitist acronyms and ISO standards
  • How to rehash Nielsen / Norman / Krugg publications from the 1990s into your very own book, and become a published author!
  • Learn about the benefits of alienating newcomers to the field by switching terminology every 5 minutes (free printable Usability/UX/IA/ID bingo table included)
  • Sneak peak of the official UPXDA roadmap of new fashionable phrases for 2010 that will win respect from your clients.
  • Add 42% more science bits to your presentations using our free Adobe Illustrator templates, including honeycomb diagrams (add your own buzzwords), graphs-that-don’t-have-numbers-on, and interaction diagrams that leave out key pieces of business logic, guaranteed to leave developers scratching their heads a few months down the line.
  • Reduce your exploratory research timelines by 33%, using our new Excel-based persona generator (randomly picks characteristics and user needs from a database of random phrases, then adds a random photo via Google image search)
  • Great tips to get your ideas heard in board meetings, e.g. by replacing the phrase "I think…" with "The users said…"
  • Apply the rainmaking scam to UX – when your first round of consultancy doesn’t have any measurable effect on their website, convince them they just need to hire you for yet more projects!
  • How to write proposals using the zero accountability methodology ®
  • Tips on how to coin your own terminology, then spend next year’s conference season doing public speaking gigs around the world!

Only 21 places left! Book now!