How to get yourself a sweet .ly domain name

After messing around with a couple of days ago (a really cute tool for coming up with domain hacks), I found out there are quite a lot of nice .ly domain names still available. It seems the reason is that they aren’t particularly cheap ( $149.50 US), and not many places sell them. I’ve just bought (on the off chance I might need it for a future project), and there are lots of other – arguably even better URLS – available. Like Or Or…

Why not go have a look for yourself - head over to Libyan Spider. They also have a list of name suggestions here.

Mine took about 24 hours to sort out, and I had one technical support query was answered in a few hours. No problems, basically. I can’t imagine wanting to use a domain hack for a mainstream site, but if I had a neat little web app, it might be just the thing. Enjoy!